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Refer a patient to CNS

We are open for all virtual-appropriate neurology patient referrals. 

At Current Neurology Solutions, our team of board-certified neurologists offer exceptional consultative, post-hospital discharge follow-up care, or second opinions. During these visits, our neurologists will tailor a treatment plan according to the patient’s needs, educate patients on their neurological disorder, discuss lifestyle modifications, prescribe medications, and make referrals as needed.



How To Refer a Patient

Current Neurology Solutions values our partnerships with referring physicians. If a provider believes that a patient would benefit from our services, the provider can make a referral to our virtual discharge neurology clinic. Our patient care navigator is available to assist physicians, patients, and their families in the referral process.


     To submit a referral, you can:

  • Refer patients through Care4 (message center).  Instructions at the bottom of this page!

  • Fax your referral to 281-929-4728.

  • Call 281-929-4727 (option 1) and our team will schedule your referred patient.

  • Email referral with SECURE title:



CNS encourages electronic referral submission through the Message Center in Care4.

 Step by Step Instructions below.


Services that are NOT covered or WITHOUT a referral or authorization:

CNS requires patients to be responsible for obtaining referrals to the extent required under the member’s benefit package.


No Medical Insurance: We offer a reasonably priced fixed rate for those patients without medical insurance.


When requesting a referral

Please provide:


  • Patient’s contact information: name, address, phone number, date of birth

  • MH MRN (Medical Record Number), if applicable  

  • Patient’s Insurance Information

  • Name and phone number of patient’s Primary Care Physician

  • Diagnosis and reason for referral

  • Referring Provider’s contact information, including the name of the office contact

  • For Phone/Faxed Referrals: we will need a signed referral from the referring provider


Referral Inquiry

Providers may check the status of an existing referral by emailing our referrals department at


Follow-Up Communication

  • Consultation notes, discharges, etc. can be found in Care4.

  • Scheduling Confirmation Email: Available upon request.

  • Visit Summaries sent to primary care physicians and other treating physicians (patient request).



Who We Treat

We provide care for patients in need of neurological follow-up. Our top priority is improving clinical coordination as patients move among providers, sites of care, and levels of care. Only those that are appropriate for a telemedicine visit are scheduled in our virtual discharge clinic.


Some of the most common neurological disorders seen in our clinic include:


Abnormal Brain MRI                                       Bell’s Palsy                                                          Carotid Stenosis              

Cerebral Aneurysm                                        Cervical Radiculopathy                                  Dizziness/Vertigo (BPPV)

Epilepsy                                                              Headache: Tension, Migraine, Cluster       Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy

Lumbar Radiculopathy                                  Pain: Acute Back and Neck                           Post Concussive               

Stroke: CVA TIA


* Those patients needing more chronic, or in-office management of their neurological condition will need to see one of our colleagues within the patient’s community or the provider of their choice.


How It Works

Our Outpatient Clinic is a resource to help patients with their neurological concerns; however, it does not change or interfere with the care between them and their Primary Care doctor. Patients who can be seen by their PCP in a timely fashion are encouraged to do so.


If the patient is in the hospital or recently discharged, our Care Coordinator will contact the patient and schedule their hospital follow-up appointment to occur within 7-14 days.  


Virtual Video Visits: We use the latest technology to offer video visits. This safe, convenient, and HIPPA-compliant appointment method makes it easy to connect to our care team.


At CNS, we will safely get the patient on the road to navigate their recovery. 


What The Patient Can Expect

The patient’s journey with our care team begins with a smooth transition from referral to their appointment, and from CNS to their primary care doctor or specialists.


Our Physicians Will:


  • Review medication changes.

  • Review diagnosis and treatment plan.

  • Follow up on labs.

  • Order tests and procedures as needed.

  • Review any other pertinent issues.

  • Determine continuation of care with relevant specialists.

  • If the patient does not have a PCP, we will help them to select one and schedule an appointment.


We are always available at 281-929-4727 to answer your questions.  We appreciate your referrals!

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Rony Ninan, MD

Outpatient Medical Director

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