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Ariana's Bio


Ariana Geisse is Licensed Master Social Worker with 8 years’ healthcare experience working in diverse underserved populations. Acting as a Care Navigator, she serves patients at Current Neurology Solutions (CNS) at both the inpatient and outpatient levels. Ariana provides a range of direct services essential in assisting and supporting CNS patients affected by neurological diagnoses.


Although every team member has a crucial part when it comes to helping patients, it is the navigator who assesses, educates, communicates, and addresses the barriers and concerns that arise throughout the patient’s care.  Ariana coordinates comprehensive patient care across the healthcare continuum and provides individualized support to our patients as their personal resource and advocate. 


Having grown up in sunny southern California, Ariana traveled to Massachusetts to complete her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Stonehill College. Later she received her master’s degree in Social Work from Simmons University, in Boston, Massachusetts. After acquiring her master’s degree, Ariana moved to Texas where she completed an internship at Michael E DeBakey VA hospital specializing in assisting liver transplant patients and those with mental health issues.


Ariana began her post graduate career at Ben Taub General hospital in the Cardiac IMU and then transitioned to the Emergency Department where she encountered variety of care needs including case management, therapy, counseling, and life-betterment services to people who need them.


Ariana plays a pivotal role on our neuro team, bridging the gap between the patient, our providers, and other clinical care team members. Supporting patients, caregivers, and the rest of the CNS multidisciplinary clinical team, Ariana helps patients address barriers ranging from communication related (literacy, terminology, and social) to psychological (fear and distrust) to educational (basic education about the standard-of-care treatment path, their care, and patient resources) to health system related (appointment scheduling, referrals, and care coordination).


Patient-Centered Advocacy Approach. Ariana feels the ability to identify effective and sustainable methods to address poorly coordinated patient care and inappropriate healthcare utilization is fundamentally essential. This is critical for treatment adherence, managing medical issues, and coordinating care among the neuro clinical team members.


When she is not out saving the world, Ariana enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.

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