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About CNS 


About Current Neurology Solutions

We are a neurology telemedicine group providing outpatient clinic direct to patients, and specialty consultative services direct to hospitals throughout the state of Texas. We began working in telemedicine in the Houston area, where all three of the founders spent their careers learning, growing, and leading telemedicine efforts.

Our executive leadership team has more than 50 years of combined neurology and telemedicine experience. Each one of our staff neurologists are trained and specialize in delivering neurological care via telemedicine.  

Practice Leadership Team

We have a group of leaders with a diverse skillset, bringing their own brand and expertise to Current Neurology Solutions.  

Providing you with the best executive team for neurological excellence


Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Current Neurology Solutions


Co-Founder & President

Current Neurology Solutions

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Co-Founder & Vice President

Current Neurology Solutions

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