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Koko's Bio


Tawaki, affectionately known as Koko, joined our practice in 2021. She is a business professional with more than 20 years of administrative management experience in  healthcare. A native of Southern California, early on in her career Koko realized that the field of health administration married her skills, strengths, and wants perfectly! Since then, she has not turned back and continues to be inspired to learn and develop new skills.


Koko manages various aspects of the day-to-day business and administrative operations of our practice. Her creativity, entrepreneurial and leadership skills make her the perfect match for our organization. She adapts and works exceptionally well with others providing an intellectual atmosphere conducive to the stimulation and interchange of ideas.


Koko has the extraordinary ability to interface effectively and efficiently with all levels of management, employees, clients, vendors, and the distinct situations that involve them. She believes it is important to lead by example, but also openly welcomes a collaborative effort from colleagues. Her approach is a mixture between supportive and motivational. This approach encourages innovation which allows her to continue to improve operations and to make mindful, efficient changes within our practice.


In her spare time, Koko loves to organize, plan parties, read books, garden, create new recipes and bake.

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