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24/7 Acute Neurology Support

Our telestroke service is available to you 24/7 to help provide the best stroke care possible. We also cover acute neurology calls, enabling busy ER physicians the ability to reach out to an expert for support.  Healthcare systems and community hospitals utilize our service to help alleviate local neurologist call burden and improve patient outcomes with our always-accessible service. 

What is Acute Neurology?

  • Code strokes

  • Large vessel occlusion/IAT evaluation

  • Status epilepticus

  • Brain injuries 

  • Any symptom severe enough to require an immediate evaluation by a neurologist

We pride ourselves on our stroke metrics, assisting in improving processes and door-to-needle times.  

If you feel your hospital could benefit from our acute neurology service, please contact us today!

Our current median Door-to-needle across all sites is 40 minutes!

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